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Exam Application

Exam Application

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E-mail: enquiries@tutorsandexams.uk


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Candidate Details

This email address will be used for all correspondence, including Timetables & Results.

Bill Payer’s Details

This email address will not be used for any future correspondence. It will NOT receive Timetables and Results.

Payment Preference

Please select the venue required for exams.

Exam Information

Please add all the exams that you are applying for:
(Eg CIE, Edexcel etc)
(Eg English, Maths, Science)
(Eg Summer YY, Nov YY, Jan YY)
(Eg. GCSE, iGCSE, A Level, Functional Skills etc)

Access Arrangements/Special Needs

If yes to the above, you will be required to have an interview (£25.00) and, potentially additional assessments at your cost.
Refer to: JCQ / CIE
PLEASE BE AWARE: Failure to disclose any long term, known condition, at time of booking will mean that we will not process any subsequent access arrangement requests disclosed at a later time. This does not include any short term medical conditions that occur between booking and exams.

For the purpose of processing my access arrangement application, I consent to the use of my name, date of birth and other relevant data as set out above. I understand that this information will not be used for any other purpose without my consent unless authorised by law.

Other Services

Tutors & Exams offer a variety of services linked to exams. If you would like to receive additional information on any of the below services, please tick the appropriate boxes.

Further Information

Other Fees

Please note that the following will incur additional fees as stated.

  • Access Arrangements Processing - £85.00 where a current EHCP or Medical Exemption is in place
  • Access Arrangements Processing - £160.00 where a previous JCQ Form 8 is avaialble for use
  • Access Arrangements Processing - £300.00 where no previous JCQ Form 8 is available and includes testing
  • Mocks for Access Arrangements - £40.00 (unmarked and is VAT Exempt)
  • Laptop (for AA use) - £15 per exam
  • Reader/Scribe & Separate Room - £120.00 per paper. Includes Reader/Scribe & Room Hire
  • Entry Amendments - £35 + any Exam Board Late Fees
  • Late Coursework - £35
  • Clash Supervision (where 2 or more exams exceed 3.5 hours in the same session) - £35
  • Late Cash In - £35
  • Merge UCI (where we are notified late of a UCI) - £35
  • Transfer of Candidate - £50 (per paper) + any exam board fees


Our primary form of contact is by email to the email address supplied for the Candidate. All change requests must be issued in writing either by post or email. All exam information will be sent via email to the email address listed for the candidate above.

Results & Certificates

Results will be sent to the email address provided for the candidate above. If the candidate is under 18 and/or their fees have been paid for by a third party, we reserve the right to issue the learner’s results to the bill payer, providing this a parent/carer or recognised learning provider.

Certificates are available to collect or post to your address 3 months after the results. The responsibility for the security of certificates is yours and can be costly to replace if lost. We use Royal Mail First Class as standard (free to you), or we can send them tracked and insured. You will be contacted when the certificates are available.

Terms & Conditions

As a private candidate you take full responsibility for filling in, and being aware of the conditions and fees on the Exam Entry form. Tutors and Exams cannot be held responsible for mistakes in completion of your form. You MUST familiarise yourself with the rules of examinations and certification as issued by your exam board. These are available on the exam boards’ individual websites and will be sent with your timetable.

Document Checklist – To be included with application.

  • Photo (please attach to page 1 of the application form or email with form).
  • Photo ID (can be scanned and emailed back): A valid passport, an expired passport, valid photographic EU identity card, valid photographic driving licence, valid armed forces identity card, valid police warrant card/badge, valid airport employees security identity pass, Citizen Card, valid photographic firearm certificate, valid Government-issued identity card, SMART card, electoral identity card, photographic disabled badge, NUS card photographic (National Union of Students), photographic university/college ID card, company ID card of nationally recognised company (photographic), Council issued bus pass. Original documentation must be brought to the exam as well.
  • Any previous exam results (with UCI number) if required for us to check.

Entries cannot be made until payment is received in full. Payment can be made by Bank transfer, card payment or cash. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES. Invoices will be raised once applications are received.

Exam Fees

Are displayed clearly on our website. However, please feel free to call us and we will talk through the cost of your exam entry with you.


You may withdraw from an exam by giving notice in writing to us on or before the first deadline for exam entries (as displayed on our website. A refund will be given after a deduction of £50 for administrative costs. Once the first entry deadline has passed no refunds can be given.

Signature Required

If you are over the age of 16 please sign this application. If you are under 16 please ask the person responsible for you to sign.


I declare this information to be true. I am the candidate or responsible person for the candidate in the photograph above. I understand that any attempt to deceive, plagiarise or attempt any form of malpractice will result in my entries being withdrawn and my papers or coursework sent and reported to the awarding organisations. No refunds will be given in these circumstances. Any changes to details or entries may result in an administrative fee up to 3 times normal fees. I also consent to my information being held by Tutors & Exams for the purposes of assessments. I also consent to my personal details being shared with the awarding organisations in order to fulfil entry and results requirements. My information can also be shared with third parties where I ask for additional services to be provided. I understand that my information will only ever be shared with awarding organisations or tutors and distance learning providers where appropriate and when I haven't directly asked for information NOT to be shared.

Signature of Candidate/Responsible Person (Submitting this electronic form will be accepted as signed)