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Alternative Education

For over 15 years, Nisai Learning has offered effective and innovative ways of giving access to online education to students who struggle to engage with mainstream facilities because of several reasons such as Special Educational Needs, health or geographic location. Through their own online system, the Nisai Virtual Academy, they provide learners from all kinds of backgrounds, a bespoke curriculum that’s delivered in an inclusive, social and student-focused environment. They’re classes are interactive, taught by qualified teachers and offer short and long-term courses at each student’s current working level.

Students on Nisai’s long-term courses can work towards and achieve recognised qualifications such as Functional Skills, GCSEs and A Levels alongside vocational and non-academic courses such as apprenticeships and traineeships. As an organisation, Nisai believe everyone has the right to an education and have made it their mission to make high-quality education and learning opportunities available for all.

Nisai has worked with Tutors and Exams on multiple occasions for our students without exam centres to sit their exams. Their location, availability and presence have been of great help to us and our learners.

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