Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing (CAAT)

Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing (CAAT)

Thinking of applying to a ‘red brick’ University, Oxford or Cambridge perhaps? Then Cambridge Assessment Admission Tests might be an option for you as they are designed to measure students’ skills and help universities evaluate how ready students are for university-level work.


Depending on your chosen institution and course, you may need to take an admissions test as part of your application (some joint degree courses require you to take two tests). As well as an entry requirement, an admissions test gives you the chance to show your potential to succeed on your course.


Whilst admissions tests are often part of the process, for the most popular courses, there are non-compulsory admissions tests that could enhance your university application enabling you to evidence that you can bridge the gap between school and university studies.


Unlock your potential, see it as an opportunity to shine and show your preferred university what you can do. Tutors & Exams have authorised centres for Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing and provide facilities to sit their tests.


CAATs cover a wide range of subject and topics including Biomedical (BMAT), Mathematics (MAT), Thinking Skills (TSA) plus many more, all of which featured on the Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing website detailing when tests must be entered by and when they are held.


For information relating to the fees Tutors & Exams charge to sit Admission Tests please see our Fees List (Page 15).

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