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Coursework, NEA and Practicals

Generally, you can avoid Coursework/Controlled Assessment by following an ‘International’ award. These are available via Edexcel (Pearson) and Cambridge Internal Examinations. They are referred to as International A-Levels (Cambridge only) and International GCSEs.

Coursework (NEA)

We will accept coursework via the following partners; UKDLP, NEC, Cloudlearn, Open Study College, Oxford Open Learning and Wolsey Hall.

If your course provider is not listed, or you are being privately tutored, you must contact us prior to booking.

Please be aware that we only accept coursework if it can be verified/authenticated by a tutor or distance learning provider. The deadline for verified/authenticated coursework to be received by Tutors & Exams is 1st March in any academic year (unless otherwise agreed). There is a surcharge of £50 if coursework is late.

Controlled Assessment

You may be able to avoid taking your GCSE controlled assessment unit as a resit. Controlled assessment (if not being carried forward) is taken under exam conditions and included in the exam fee (where applicable).

Rules of carry forward:

From the June 2014 exam series onwards, if you are retaking a GCSE subject, you can request that the controlled assessment mark from your previously certificated attempt be ‘carried forward’ and used towards your retake result.

The general rules for carrying forward controlled assessments are:

  • You can only carry forward a result towards the same qualification with the same exam board
    (for example short course to short course, or full course to full course)
  • Your previous attempt must have been used in a GCSE award
  • If you have more than one previous attempt, the attempt used in the most recent GCSE award will be used

Practicals & Speaking Tests

Practical Assessments are available at our exam centre providing that the Exam Board’s specification allows. More information on Science Practicals.

Popular Practicals taken at our exam centre (including Language Speaking tests) are:

A-Level Science Practicals, International GCSE and International A Level ICT, Spanish, French, German.

A Level Geography Fieldwork

In Partnership with Tutors & Exams and Lincolnshire Outdoor Learning

Lincolnshire Outdoor Learning

Learner Guide 

Independent Investigation:

A Level students are required to complete a minimum of 4 days of fieldwork. In the coursework component, students are required to undertake an Independent Investigation that involves producing a fieldwork report.

  • The fieldwork must be carried out in relation to processes in both physical and human geography and demonstrate Fieldwork skills, including researching relevant literature, defining the research questions.
  • Understand fieldwork methodologies, including quantitative and qualitative approaches, observe and record fieldwork phenomena and justify methods.
  • Critically analyse field data to determine its accuracy and evaluate the fieldwork investigation and to write up the fieldwork results clearly and logically to make a well-argued case.

Stages for planning fieldwork activities:

  • Identify appropriate field research questions/aims/hypotheses.
  • Designing the fieldwork methodologies, research and selection of appropriate equipment.
  • Information collation and data representation and analysis.
  • Analysis and explanation of information.
  • Conclusions and critical reflection on methods and results.


It is up to you as a student to determine your own study timetable, but please bear in mind that:

  • The written exams are held in May / June every year (starting in 2018)
  • Arrangements for the fieldwork need to be made with your examination centre well in advance. September of the academic year you would like to certificate.
  • Students must take all written exams and the fieldwork in the same year.

Tutors & Exams and Lincolnshire Outdoor Learning are offering fieldwork opportunities in March for each academic year.

Health & Safety:

Risk Assessments must be completed before any fieldwork activity. You need to understand the Hazards of your fieldwork, the Risks they present to you and your Control Measures to reduce or eliminate the risks.


Fieldwork requires the use of Equipment. Please ensure that you know how to safely use any equipment, this may include but is not limited to Ranging Poles, Clinometers, Soil Augers, Long 30m tape measures, Compasses, stopwatches and electronic GPS.

Fieldwork Support:

Please email Ashley@LincolnshireOutdoorLearning.co.uk  for details of our 4 day fieldwork support package.

Enquiries@tutorsandexams.uk for bookings.

2018 Dates:

River Study – Lincoln – 5th – 8th March 2018.

Coastal Study – Skegness – 19th – 22nd March 2018.


£975.00 – Includes Fieldtrip, tutor support during the trip, transport from a central pick up point, coursework marking, exam entries and hosting and certification.

It does not include accommodation, food or additional travel expenses.

If you are a learner of our partners listed below; you will receive a £100 discount. The Partner Fee is £875.00.

What Syllabus am I following?

Edexcel 9GE0 (2016) http://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-a-levels/geography-2016.html

Your distance learning provider or tutor will be able to offer additional teaching material. This syllabus is currently offered by:

A Distance Learning provider in Solihull.

Register for the assessments HERE

Enquiries HERE