Questions and Answers Following CAIE & Ofqual Announcements.

1. Why are you asking for my evidence by 10th April (CAIE Candidates) or 17th April (Ofqual/JCQ Candidates)?

We have NOT asked for any evidence to be submitted to us by these dates. We have Awarding Body deadlines to meet and at this time we only require you to decide whether you are deferring or can provide evidence that will support a ‘calculated’ grade.

CAIE candidates are being asked to decide about grading or deferral by 10th April 2020 (extended from our original date of the 7th April)

OfQual/JCQ (UK awarding bodies) candidates are being asked to decide about grading or deferral by 17th April 2020 (extended from our original date of the 7th April).

2. What is the deadline to submit my evidence?

We will require all of your evidence to be available, upon request by us, by no later than 22nd May 2020. We will advise where/how this evidence should be submitted nearer the date.

3. My Distance Learning Provider or Previous School are going to get me a “calculated grade”, can I have a refund on my exam fees?

No, there would be no refund due as the only way to obtain a “calculated Grade”/certification this Summer is to keep your entry in (this has been submitted to the Awarding Bodies, and paid for, by Tutors and Exams).  We have been working hard with your DLP advising on collating the evidence they have for you; we will need to submit your “predicted grade” and send samples of your work to the Awarding Bodies as requested. The DLP cannot submit evidence to the Awarding Body, only the exam centre can.

4. I have been working with my own Tutor, can I use them instead of yours?

Unfortunately, no.  You cannot use your own Tutor as we (The Exam Centre) have no relationship with them. However, the evidence you have built up with them can be submitted to our verified Tutors to assist you in obtaining the “calculated grade”.

5. What if I am sitting CAIE and JCQ Qualifications and I am a young entrant?

CAIE have not placed an age restriction on their Summer 2020 gradings so if the evidence provided is sufficient you can progress with “calculated grading”.

Ofqual/JCQ have restricted “schools” to only grading candidates above year 10. We are seeking clarification if this restriction applies to Private/Home Educated candidates also.  We will advise as soon as Ofqual make further announcements (due by 10th April 2020).

If you are entered with both CAIE and Ofqual/JCQ Awarding bodies, it may mean that you can apply for a “calculated” grade with CAIE but not Ofqual/JCQ Awarding Bodies. We will update you in due course.

6. Can I transfer my entries to a different centre (eg, my old school)?

You can enter with your old centre if they are still accepting entries. However, we will withdraw your entry from Tutors & Exams with no refunds.

7. What will happen with my University application if I cannot get a calculated grade or the calculated grade I need?

You will need to contact your University Admissions team or get advice from UCAS.

8. What evidence will be requested/required?

CAIE candidates have received a portal notice with further instructions.

Ofqual requirement are likely to be similar to CAIE. However, further clarification will be issued this week by 10th April 2020. The type(s) of evidence that might be required could include but will not be limited to:

  • mock exams – completed by a verified, and Tutors & Exams approved, source.
  • coursework (complete or incomplete)
  • assignments
  • AS Level results for ‘staged-route’ A Level candidate
  • grades in previous sittings for candidates re-taking exams
9. What about students who have an agreed reasonable adjustment or access arrangement?

Schools and colleges will judge the grade that these students would most likely have achieved if they had been able to sit their examinations with the intended reasonable adjustment or access arrangement in place. A similar process is likely to be in place for Private Candidates/Home Educators.

10. What if I can’t provide the evidence for grading or feel my grade will not be that I could achieve in an exam?

We strongly suggest that you defer your entry to the next available exam series. Tutors and Exams will provide this service at no extra charge.

11. My entry was made through a Distance Learning Provider, what do I do?

We are in communication with all our partner Distance Learning Providers, to assist them in helping you to get a “calculated grade” where appropriate. Please talk to your DLP to decide with them the best course of action for you.

12. I have evidence from a school or college, can I use it?

Yes, you can. Only if it is available on their headed paper and signed by the subject Teacher and/or on a school/college email address sent directly to us. They will need to include your name, Tutors and Exams Centre and Candidate number.

13. Can I use previous results from another Centre as well as results from Tutors and Exams?

Yes you can. Any verified previous results can be used.

14. What’s the latest series I can defer my exams to?

You can defer your exams to any available season up to Summer 2021 (providing no further Government interventions). Deadline for Summer re-entry is 7th February 2021.

Usually, the following seasons are available:

November – Maths and English GCSE Resits or Post 16 learners. Deadline 14th September 2020

Oct/Nov – CAIE have a fairly extensive season for most subjects. Deadline 14th September 2020

January – Pearson Edexcel International GCSE English, Maths, Science and Economics only. Deadline 1st October 2020

15. Can I apply for a grade and defer to the next exam series?

Unfortunately, you need to choose one or the other. You will also need to consider that we have been told that we must not share centre assessment grades with students, parents or carers, under any circumstances, until after final results are issued. This is to protect the integrity of centres’ judgements, and to avoid anyone feeling under pressure to submit a grade that is not supported by the evidence. Since the final grades for some or all students could be different from those submitted, it also helps to manage students’ expectations.

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