Information for Candidates

Who we are:

Tutors & Exams is a private exam centre approved by the JCQ, Pearson (Edexcel), Cambridge International Exams, University of London, Chartered Quality Institute and Industry Qualifications to assess GCSE, iGCSE, A-Level, International A-Level, International Degree Programmes and distance learning exams and coursework.

What we do:

Tutors & Exams provides a venue for learners to access the exam system easily. Coursework, Praticals and NEA processes are in place for learners to access subjects such as English, Science History, Geography, Languages and more…

We are also able to offer proctoring services for International centres. We have proctored for Harvard University, Penn State University and many more. Contact us if you need a venue.


How do you stay in touch?

Our main method of communication is via email. Invoices, timetables, instructions, amendments and results will all be issued this way. The email used will be the one used on the application form in the “Candidate Details” section. Please ensure that the email address used is one that is checked regularly by a responsible person. Please ensure that you check your spam/junk folders and add domain to your safe senders list.

What are the exam deadlines?

The dates to avoid late fees, and other key dates, are listed within our fees list:

Tutors & Exams – Fees & Dates

How do I find out my entry codes?
Entry codes are available via your Distance Learning provider, Tutor, Teacher or via the exam board websites. Please check these codes carefully as they may contain option codes (such as tiers or route) that we will require to complete your entry. We have also put together a document for learners showing the syllabuses that our partners offer. We are not responsible for the information they have provided and you must ensure that you have checked it and satisfied it is correct.



Eduqas (WJEC)


Cambridge International Exams

How do I know when my exams are?
Timetables will be issued soon after the entry deadlines. This will list out all your personal details, candidate number, centre number, exam date, exam papers, start time and duration. Exam board timetables are also available online:



Eduqas (WJEC)


Cambridge International Exams

University of London (International Programmes) (Please note that start times are 9:30 and 13:30 at our centre).

How can I apply to sit exams at Tutors & Exams?
You will need to complete our application form to sit exams with us.
Why do you need all this information from me?
All the information requested is required to process your application. Information about ULN’s and data protections is available on our application form and payment page. The information required is either a compulsory requirement by the exam board, or a legal requirement for payment.
What is a UCI?
Every student has one 13-character code that’s unique to them. It’s used to collect results for each student across time and different exam boards, schools or colleges. All students need a UCI. If you have sat exams recently at another venue, they will have your UCI, or it will appear on your entry and results information from them. You will need your UCI if you are resitting a qualification. We can issue new UCI’s for new learners.
What name do I need to use on my form?
You must provide a name that you can prove legally. Employers and education establishments will check results information and you need to be able to prove they are yours.
Why do I need to provide a photo and ID?
It is a regulatory requirement that we can identify candidates that sit their exams with us. Your photo will be used on your timetable to allow the centre staff to identify you. Your ID will be kept on file and will be required on the days you sit exams.
What if I have no photo ID?
If you do not have photo ID, contact us and we will send you more information on how to proceed with your application.
I have completed my application form. How do I get it to you?
All application forms can be emailed (scanned or attach completed version). Please ensure you attach copies (photo is fine) of your ID and a recent photo (selfie is acceptable). Please ensure that your photo is decent and a true representation of you. The photo will be on your desk in the exam room on exam day. We run exams, not fashion shows and personality contests!
How can I pay?
Your application form has a section to tell us how you want to pay. We accept card payments, cash or electronic bank transfers (please do not pay cash into our bank account directly). We do not accept cheques.

Card Payments – If you have indicated that you wish to pay by card; we will raise an invoice and send a secure WorldPay payment link to the email address of the bill payer.

Cash – We will contact you to book a time to come in and pay by cash.

Electronic Bank Transfers – An invoice will be sent to the bill payer. Our bank details will be contained. Please ensure you use your Invoice Number as reference.

When can I get my results?

Functional Skills results are issued approximately 20 days after you sat your exam.

University, CQI and IQ results will be issued directly from your teaching institution.

January iGCSE results are issued in March. Summer exam results are issued in August and November exam results in January. See our Exam results page for more detailed information.

How do I receive my results?
All results are issued by email or exam board login (Edexcel and CIE only). The results information will be sent to you at the end of the exam series you are sitting.
I’m not happy with my grades. What can I do?
Visit our exam results page to see what your options are or contact us.
What if I can’t make my exam or running late?
You must contact us as soon as you possibly can in these cases. You will receive instructions on what to do next.
I’ve changed my mind. Can I get my money back?
We do offer refunds up to the first entry deadline with a £50 admin fee deducted. Unfortunately, there are no refunds after the first entry deadline.
How do I make a complaint?

Customer Service is at the heart of what we do. However, from time to time we may get things wrong (we’re human too). If you feel that we haven’t met your expectations, we invite you to register your concerns/issues, in writing, to our complaints co-ordinator Wendy Quinney We will endeavour to repond to you within 5 working days.

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