Functional Skills Exam Centre

Functional skills are the essential elements of English, maths and ICT.  Helping learners to develop higher levels of practical skill in English, mathematics and ICT which  can be applied to real life contexts. Universities and Colleges may accept these qualifications as alternatives to GCSE.1

Intensive Level 2 Maths Class
Tutors & Exams recommend Groundmark Learning. They offer Intensive Level 2 Functional Skills courses.

We offer Pearson Edexcel Paper Based Functional Skills assessments at Level 1 and 2 for English, Maths and ICT. 

1 You must check with your Further Education or Higher Education provider to see if these qualifications are accepted as alternatives to GCSE.

Dates of Assessment and Booking Dates:


MonthTest DatesPayment Due Date
JanuaryFri 31/01/2020Fri 10/01/2020
FebruaryFri 28/02/2020Fri 07/02/2020
MarchFri 27/03/2020Fri 06/03/2020
AprilFri 24/04/2020Fri 03/04/2020
MayFri 29/05/2020Fri 08/05/2020
JuneFri 26/06/2020Fri 05/06/2020
JulyFri 31/07/2020Fri 10/07/2020
AugustFri 28/08/2020Fri 07/08/2020


MonthTest DatesPayment Due Date
JanuaryTue 28/01/2020Tue 07/01/2020
FebruaryTue 25/02/2020Tue 04/02/2020
MarchTue 31/03/2020Tue 10/03/2020
AprilTue 28/04/2020Tue 07/04/2020
MayTue 26/05/2020Tue 05/05/2020
JuneTue 30/06/2020Tue 09/06/2020
JulyTue 28/07/2020Tue 07/07/2020
AugustTue 25/08/2020Tue 04/08/2020


MonthTest DatesPayment Due Date
JanuaryFri 31/01/2020Fri 10/01/2020
FebruaryFri 14/02/2020Fri 24/01/2020
MarchFri 20/03/2020Fri 28/02/2020
AprilFri 03/04/2020Fri 13/03/2020
MayThu 14/05/2020Thu 23/04/2020
JuneTue 30/06/2020Tue 09/06/2020
JulyFri 31/07/2020Fri 10/07/2020
AugustFri 28/08/2020Fri 07/08/2020
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