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We’ve got some really exciting news to share with the World! But not just yet…

Tutors & Exams is the UK Leading and Largest Provider of assessments to Private Candidates, Home Educated, Distance Learners and more…

We are able to offer you the widest choice of assessments across the UK with ease. However, we making a ground breaking move that will enable EVEN MORE learners access to our services.

But “What is it?” we hear you cry. You’ll just have to wait and see. Make sure you put your guesses on our Social Media Pages. @tutorsandexams

Tutors & Exams is dedicated to providing the largest number of subjects to the most diverse cohort as possible. We work with the UK’s leading Awarding Bodies to ensure that access to Exams is made easy. In the Summer of 2020, Tutors & Exams were the World’s first Private Candidate Exam Centre to provide a solution for the thousands of candidates displaced when assessments were cancelled. This meant that candidates, like you, were able to move on with your careers or education despite the enormous issues that cancelled exams led to. But we didn’t stop there…we now work with many of the world’s leading education providers to ensure that any other situation that may arise means we’ve got it covered.

A huge number of subjects are available to Exam Candidates that would normally not be available. We have assessed 25 Languages, Art & Design, Music, Drama, Film Studies and more. In addition to this, we are experts in Non Examined Assessments. This enables you to work with us on subjects that have coursework. Astronomy, English, History, Geography Field Trips, Environmental Science Field Trips and the A Level Science Practical Endorsement for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Whatever you want to do, just get in touch and we’ll give you the best advice available.

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