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Learning Partner Description

    Catherine Mooney has been providing first class tuition in English Language and English Literature to the home education community since 2008. Since that time, she has helped over 3,000 students achieve their English qualifications. As a qualified English teacher, experienced examiner, educational writer and home educator, Catherine has a unique understanding of how to help home educated children achieve their GCSE level English qualifications while enjoying the process.

    Catherine’s courses are delivered by means of colourful, friendly, high-quality materials which Catherine has produced herself. There are four English Language specifications: AQA, Edexcel Spec A and B, and Cambridge; for literature you can choose between Edexcel IGCSE and (from July 2022) AQA GCSE. There are audio versions of the English Language courses for anyone who struggles with reading.

    The courses have between 10 and 13 chapters, each chapter focusing on a particular exam task. There are exercises within the chapters and an assignment at the end, which is based on an exam style question. On completion of the course there is a mock exam and by that time students are very well prepared to sit the exam.

    Feedback is always detailed, encouraging and delivered promptly on all assignments (which can be emailed). Additionally, Catherine is on hand at all times to give extra help and support when needed, by phone or email. Every student has her mobile number and can call at any time.

    The courses have been designed to help children of all abilities and a significant proportion of her students have dyslexia or other special learning needs; in these instances, advice can be given about exam concessions. For students who are younger, or lack confidence, there is a Pre-IGCSE course to gently orientate them to the exam level courses. It is worth mentioning that for children who achieve pass grades in assignments, Catherine guarantees a pass in the exam; this means that if something goes wrong on exam day, she will help until they succeed.

    For the literature course four texts are studied and if the chosen texts do not appeal, alternatives can be provided in most cases.

    The vast majority of Catherine’s students achieve a grade 6 or above, however she is particularly gratified when her dyslexic students get ‘their precious grade 4’. Her aim is for students to achieve their qualification while enjoying the process, whatever their ability. Her testimonials attest to both achievements.

    All new enquiries are very welcome.


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