Dreaming Spires Home Learning

Learning Partner Description

    Dreaming Spires Home Learning aims to empower students, by lighting a fire of learning, rather than coaching hoop-jumpers. 


    A decade ago, Dr Kat Patrick began sharing her passion for English Literature through themed online courses, and the offer has grown organically to the present hand-picked collective of experts committed to inspiring teens around the world. All tutors are examiners, university lecturers, professionals, or all three, and have current or past experience of home-educating. 


    Our timetabling takes account of timezones, and allows schooled students to also join us. A broad range of subjects invites families to specialise, or assemble a bespoke online school service, complete with safe, moderated forums for socialising. 


    Additional short-course exam crammers, focusing on technique and content, are available in some subject areas at different points in the year.


    Dreaming Spires has a non-exclusive, non-prescriptive Christian ethos, making for a family-friendly, supportive environment. We’re proud to serve a global community of learners, to foster cultural exchange and to see student-generated projects take flight, such as a newspaper, tech exchange and debate forums. 


    Why not try our Summer School, offering you a chance to sample a six-week introduction to many of our subject areas? 


    We look forward to welcoming you.

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