Learning Partner Description

    Eequ helps people learn and teach, in groups, in-person outside of traditional educational institutions.

    For those parents that want to design their own ‘micro-school’ with a group of friends, without falling foul of OFSTED regulations – Eequ provides a unique solution. Please read our article: When is a School not a School (link: https://medium.com/eequ/when-is-a-school-not-a-school-eequ-org-622720be3d6b?source=friends_link&sk=89df4e72d3b33d498717698cd0034516)

    Eequ can start you off on your journey towards becoming a home education collaborative. You can use our marketplace (link: https://www.eequ.org/s) to connect to a diverse range of academic teachers and extra-curricular mentors. We can host your provision as a ‘Home Education Collaborative’, enabling you to consolidate all the different classes your group take part in and offering you a specifically designed booking platform for home educating parents.

    Collaborations that use Eequ (link: https://www.eequ.org/homeeducators) can test their ideas and coordinate groups in as little as 30 minutes by publishing a well laid out listing and sharing the link, which is completely free. Forget websites, Facebook or WhatsApp groups!

    Collaboratives using Eequ have received positive feedback from OFSTED for the transparency it provides.

    This transparent approach has a secondary advantage for the collaborative. Many good, well-conceived initiatives fizzle out over time through the natural strains of any volunteer group. It is unrealistic to assume that the enthusiasm of day one will stand the test of time. For children, it is hugely advantageous if it does, so they can deepen their relationships with peers and mentors over time.

    A platform tool like Eequ can:

    • Protect the Vision of the collaborative
    • Create a fair protocol for pricing and payments
    • Coordinate dates and times
    • Quickly onboard new teachers and mentors
    • Allow for experimentation with new curriculum ideas
    • Provides OFSTED-pleasing tools, like emergency contacts, declaration of safety measures, transparent record of hours, description of educational value and a portfolio of learning.

    Whatever your ‘not a school’ looks like, Eequ is there to not be a school with you.

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