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Learning Partner Description

    EFrenchTuition Online is an online French school on a mission to empower students through their French courses, giving them the knowledge, skills and qualifications they need in life. EFrenchTuition Online was created in January 2013 by a qualified teacher and native French speaker with over 20 years of experience in teaching and education who had previously worked in UK primary and secondary schools.

    We offer interactive and comprehensive primary, secondary and sixth form French courses that follow the English national curriculum. Our courses allow private and home educated students to take their French from beginner level to near native French speaker level with native French-speaking and qualified teachers supporting them every step of their way.

    Through EfrenchTuition Online, home-educated learners study French in a structured way, leading them to be well-prepared to take nationally recognised exams in French. We also offer a range of comprehensive French courses to private candidates who may be attending school but whose schools do not offer French as part of their subjects. Additionally, EfrenchTuition Online offers courses and tuition to school students who want to boost their French exams grades.

    We pride ourselves on academic excellence. Since our establishment, 100% of our students have achieved A*-B in their exams across all French exam types. 95% of our students have achieved A* (or level 9) in their French IGCSE exams, and 100% of our A-level students have had A-A* in their A-Level French exams. All of these fantastic grades prove how effective studying French online can be.

    We welcome learners from the UK and abroad, and have for instance taught students from Singapore, Pakistan, Dubai, United States or India. The technology that we use is reliable and simple to use. Our teaching platform is specially designed for online teaching and allows us to project presentations and other documents which students can see. They can also interact by writing on an interactive whiteboard or in the chat box and speaking to their teachers when this is required.

    Our lessons are delivered live in real time. While the importance of grammar, writing and reading is heavily reflected in our teaching of groups or individual students, we also give a lot of weight to speaking and listening. Based on our experience and expertise, we believe that those areas remain the most daunting and challenging aspects of effectively learning the French language.

    We value our partnership with Tutors and Exams. We are now delighted to provide our students qualifications that materialise and show evidence of the knowledge and skills acquired during their time studying French with us.

    Enrolments are accepted throughout the year. Do get in touch, and we would be happy to send you our course prospectus, assess your child’s level in French or simply answer any questions that you may have.

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