Eximus Education

Learning Partner Description

    Eximus Education is a UK tutoring company that provides premium tutors for high
    school and higher education students. With prices 40% more affordable than the
    average tutor in the UK, we are on a mission to provide quality 1:1 tutoring to all
    income groups nationwide and not just to those who can afford it.

    We have a pool of 400 tutors who are carefully handpicked after a rigorous
    screening process and at a 0.5% acceptability ratio from some of the finest
    international British schools. Our tutors are highly educated, experienced,
    well-versed in the British curriculum and trained by us for bespoke, impact tutoring of
    the highest quality.

    Eximus Education was founded by Haris Jawaid, after a decade of private tutoring in
    London, with the goal of providing top quality tutors across all ages and all subjects.
    Our bespoke lessons are a result of our competent tutoring panel, comprehensive
    subject outlines, rigorous tutor vetting, flexible scheduling, and instant onboarding.

    We are a Corporate Member of The Tutors Association (TTA) UK and have been
    declared finalists for two Education Investor Awards in 2023 namely, ‘Private
    Tutoring Provider of the Year’ and ‘Digital Platform of the Year’.

    A team of passionate academic professionals, Eximus Education believes that
    education is the key to changing the world. We are on a mission to make education
    affordable and accessible to all.

    To book a free trial lesson with one of our expert tutors, visit Eximus Education 

    or call us at 020 39001062.

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