Genius Tuition

Learning Partner Description

    Who are Genius Tuition?

    A team of young, qualified, and experienced teachers who seek to offer tuition to those who cannot afford the usual high rates.

    Our aim

    We want to deliver quality teaching and learning at affordable rates with the aim of developing our students academically and socially.

    Who do we offer our tuition to?

    We offer tuition to students from year 3 all the way up to year 13 covering the core subjects at GCSE and A-Level in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths.

    What “kind” of tuition do we offer

    We offer a mixture of online and face to face tuition during after school hours. We place great emphasis on exam practice and mastery of skills relevant to subjects. This allows students to gain the confidence and self-belief necessary to boost their performance during exam season.


    We base our success on student results at school – not at the centre. This means we take termly reports that schools provide to inform us of how well our students are doing. So far we have had tremendous success with our first year –2019 achieving 100% 5-9 and 60% from grades 7-9.

    Contact us to discuss your tuition needs and howe we can help you to success.


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