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    Home-School Tutoring UK was established over 30 years ago. It began as a small local business, and since then it has grown into an established, trusted and sought-after tutoring agency covering over 40 areas across the UK. At the Twickenham and Richmond branch, we cover tutoring for Twickenham, Richmond, St Margaret’s, Isleworth, Hampton, Teddington, Feltham, Whitton, Sunbury, Kingston-upon-Thames and the surrounding areas.

    At HST, we’re focused on providing a personal and bespoke service; our tutoring programmes are designed based on the individual needs of the student, so you (the client) set the goals and the time frame. Our tutors will plan and facilitate the sessions at a location that suits both parties, either at your home, online, or in a public meeting place, such as your local library.

    HST can provide one-to-one tutoring and group sessions for students of all abilities, plus CPD for teachers. Our qualified, experienced and DBS-checked teachers and tutors offer many different subjects and cover all key stages of education, including adult learning. As well as exam preparation and academic support, we offer other special learning services, such as home-schooling; we also offer assessments alongside tuition and provide progress reports. We aim to provide our clients with tutoring that helps build confidence and success, and which is suited to their own individual learning styles and needs, whatever the situation.

    A little more about myself as your regional Home-School Tutoring Area Advisor: my name is Nicola, and I have been teaching and tutoring for over 20 years. I have worked in both mainstream and special education, primary and secondary. I have also worked in alternative education settings, such as a children’s hospital which provided provisions for children who are too ill to attend school or who have been excluded. Having seen first-hand the progress that can be made with individualised learning, I am passionate about one-to-one teaching and I love helping students of all ages and abilities.

    As Area Advisor and Tutor Manager for this region, I am delighted to help you find the best tutor to suit your needs. Everything we do at HST is bespoke to suit you and your child; just talk to us about your requirements.

    For more information, contact me on:

    Nicola Cartlich Walker
    T: 0208 582 2027 M: 07594 253506
    E: nicola.walker@homeschooltutoring.co.uk

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