Lextra Learning

Learning Partner Description

    Lextra Learning are your trusted tutoring service providing Maths, English and Science Tuition and we also provide effective tutoring to prepare our students for their SATS, 11-PLUS, GCSE and A-Levels.

    Our teachers are carefully selected professionals with the skills and competence required to help students make the most progress over time. We have achieved consistently excellent results for the students in our care over the last 5 years. Lextra offers online lessons as well as face-to-face lessons

    Our company is underpinned by 6 pillars from which we will not waver:

    1.    High Standards – High expectations of our students and staff, with exceptional lessons and qualified tutors ensure our students make good progress.
    2.    Subject Experts -We only employ fully qualified teachers so as to ensure our students receive the best possible education.
    3.    Learning Mindset – We try to inspire our students to take responsibility for their learning by encouraging personal study.
    4.    Personalised Plans – Students learn differently, so we ensure each student has a plan that suits their pace and progress.
    5.    Regular Feedback – We provide regular homework and periodic tests to track our students’ progress. We provide formal feedback to parents in the form of a full report once every term.
    6.    Extra Support – We give your child additional support required to help them progress ensuring no child falls behind at Lextra.

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