Learning Partner Description

    Home Education Specialists, based at Little Arthur Independent School, have been specialising in affordable home schooling resources specifically designed for home educating children and parents for over 25 years. We are also an approved University of Cambridge International Exam Centre

    Because there are no government funds available to home educators, we remain conscious that many home schooling parents are working to a tight budget. By keeping the production and marking of our courses under one roof we aim to keep our materials affordable to all. In fact, most of our correspondence courses are half the price of those available elsewhere.

    It is our aim to offer parents an alternative to school. Our courses cover the Maths, English and Science that children would cover in school but allow this learning to take place at home where the parent has control over the learning environment. At 14 we offer a choice of eleven International GCSE correspondence courses – not just the Maths, English and Biology type subjects normally offered in school but options like Environmental Management and Agriculture which are rarely available, even as home education courses, and for which there is a growing demand from young people themselves. Assignments are submitted by post and your tutor will mark and return work, answering any queries you may have. We find this personal approach far more effective than the sample answers” or computer-generated responses often provided with courses.

    On our site we offer a range of home schooling resources for parents and children including useful links, our full range of correspondence courses and, for International GCSE course students, there are links to Cambridge and Edexcel Exam Board web sites and a provisional timetable of exam dates. Home education requires time and commitment from both child and parent/s but with the help of our resources we hope it will be a very rewarding process.

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