My Online Schooling

Learning Partner Description

    Established in 2016, My Online Schooling is an online school that provides a full-time education online for over 1,000 young people ages 7 to 18. Having adopted the best aspects of physical schooling to an online environment, pupils receive a full educational experience, minus the distractions and pressures of traditional classroom learning. My Online Schooling pupils are also uniquely placed to learn with classmates from all over the world, bringing an international awareness to every lesson.

    My Online Schooling recognises that traditional schooling isn’t one-size-fits-all. My Online Schooling live lessons are all taught online, giving your child the flexibility to receive a full-time education from home, or wherever you have a stable internet connection. Led by fully trained, qualified and experienced teachers, pupils are taught the English National Curriculum from Key-Stages 2 and 3 right through International GCSEs and A-Levels, opening the doors to a bright future whatever their goals may be.

    Class sizes are kept small to make sure your child receives a more focused learning experience, free from the distractions of a busy classroom environment. Pupils can choose from a broad range of both academic and creative subjects, as well as a range of online after-school clubs where they can nurture their interests and socialise with their schoolmates. Subject selection is also totally flexible, meaning your child can pick and choose subjects based on their own educational goals, giving them the chance to fully take charge of their learning.

    Overall, My Online Schooling offers a rich, inclusive and accessible education where pupils feel supported and, most importantly, enjoy learning.

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