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    Pearson Online AcademyUK Global

    Pearson Online Academy UK Global is a high-quality personalised online private school delivering Pearson Edexcel International GCSEs and A Levels for 14–24 year olds that can be accessed virtually anywhere. We inspire and empower our students to achieve academic excellence through our affordable, online education that prepares them for brilliant futures.

    This inspiring, innovative school is for students aged 14–24 who want to study a flexible and personalised British curriculum. Energetic students from the UK and around the world can engage in learning through our high-quality online private school.

    Pearson Online Academy UK Global is a good fit for students who:

    • want the flexibility to pursue travel and Co-Curricular passions, including sports, the arts, volunteering, and other pursuits both locally and internationally
    • want to get a head start on university requirements
    • want to use technology tools and a digital environment to prepare for university and tomorrow’s careers
    • parents who are not satisfied with their local schools or who live in remote areas choose Pearson Online Academy UK Global for the excellent education
    • varying academic needs – children who have struggled receive the additional academic support they need to succeed
    • families who value home-schooling
    • students who desire enrichment – students who attend school elsewhere but wish to supplement and enrich their learning with extracurricular activities and a variety of elective choices.

    Pearson Online Academy UK Global provides the internationally renowned British curriculum through an outstanding and innovative learning experience that will widen our students’ horizons, giving them access to the world’s top universities and preparing them with the skills needed for successful and fulfilling careers.

    Our students prepare for the high quality and globally recognised Pearson Edexcel International GCSE and International A Level qualifications. These qualifications, taken by over 100,000 students in over 80 countries each year, are designed for international learners and are equivalent to UK GCSE and GCE A level. As the UK’s largest awarding organisation, Pearson Edexcel is best placed to provide qualifications that closely aligned to the British Curriculum.

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