Spark Creative Education

Learning Partner Description

    Spark Creative Education is about holistic learning through the creative arts, including Music,
    Music Technology, Film and Media. Spark aims to empower learners to embrace their unique
    identity and skill set to foster creativity and happiness.

    Spark offers a wide range of courses for ages 8 to 18. This includes GCSE and A Level
    qualifications, individual and group lessons online and in person, right through to short live
    courses and modules to suit every individual’s needs.

    Paul is a fully qualified teacher (QTS, PGCE) with over 20 years experience in creative arts
    industry, education and leadership. He has also been home educating his own children for
    nearly a decade. Paul understands that education is individual and his teaching style reflects
    this to help everyone achieve their full potential.

    Be creative, be happy, be you!

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