Spectrum SEN Ltd

Learning Partner Description

    Spectrum SEN Ltd are a support and learn consultancy, who provide individualised tailor-made support packages for young people and their families with 1-1 sessions both in person (students home/community) or online. Our highly experienced consultants are all fully vetted, and DBS checked.

    We specialise in helping and supporting both young SEN and vulnerable people achieve their full potentials, being the steppingstone to support their pathways to success within either further education or employment.

    Education GCSEs and Further education, keeping learning activate, functional and fun (tailored to the young person’s interests) – preparation for adulthood

    Core subject studies – Maths, English, Science, Geography, Art, psychology, PSHE, PE, Cooking, History, IT, Business studies, childcare/childhood studies and religious studies.

    Learning support – Phonics, word blending, reading, spelling, comprehension, mathematics (building foundations to build on effectively).

    Exams – Functional skills both entry levels up to level 2 and GCSEs, along with supported online level 2,3,4 courses and Degrees/ A levels Courses.

    School or College placements support – long transitions, supporting young people within a placement, and equipping them with the tools and strategies required to engage within their environment positively.

    Life skills – Banking, cooking, budgeting, self-care, and independence.

    Social Development – Building self-awareness/confidence and resilience.

    Wellbeing & Therapy – Counselling, OT, SALT, Play Therapy and ELSA.

    Art Therapy – Run by our highly skilled and experienced artist who has her work exhibited in top London galleries.

    Future opportunities – Supporting pathways into a school, college, University or working environments.

    Family Support – Guidance, Advice, and strategy training.

    EHCP Students – All students are provided with a carefully planned therapeutic educational plan – (adhering to the needs set out within their EHCP’s), regular meetings with authorities and parents including annual review meetings and reports.

    At Spectrum SEN, we feel that our services could make such a difference to a wider variety of people that fall within a broader spectrum of departments/services within the authorities such as Education, social services, and family support. Spectrum SEN Ltd take a diverse, holistic approach to enabling young people meet their goals through their own passions and interests. We believe that these young people should not just survive but thrive and experience the same chances and opportunities that all young people have, without feeling anxious or unworthy.

    With so many children and young people out of school, college, or employment or suffering from poor mental health at present we feel that our services could help the authority support this.

    Tel: 07554949193 Email: admin@spectrum-sen.co.uk Web: www.spectrum-sen.co.uk

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