St. James School / Sanskrit @ St. James

Learning Partner Description

    Sanskrit@StJames, an educational outreach department of St James Schools, London, provides live, interactive, online Sanskrit IGCSE classes for adults who wish to follow a systematic study program leading to a basic understanding of Sanskrit texts in the original language.

    These courses appeal to Yoga and Ayurveda practitioners but are also suitable for anyone with a serious interest in the Bhagavad Gita and Vedic/Epic tradition, language structure, or religious studies.

    The classes follow the Cambridge 0499 syllabus up to IGCSE level and instruction is through the medium of English. Excellent textbooks and videos are used as class and homework support, as well as class recordings.

    Sanskrit@StJames online is keen to encourage mature students in their study for Sanskrit IGCSE, as this helps maintain the provision by Cambridge Assessment for schools in the UK and internationally.

    Knowledge of Sanskrit is highly respected by the academic community. An internationally recognised secondary level Sanskrit qualification often forms a point of interest and admiration when students are interviewed for university admission to any subject degree, including, of course, Sanskrit.

    Sanskrit @ St James’ is part of Independent Educational Association Limited. 

    Registered in England no. 1222329.  Charity no. 270156


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