The Golden Circle

Learning Partner Description

    The Golden Circle is a leading provider of bespoke home schooling and after school tuition London. Their team of over 300 qualified teachers deliver a world-class education tailored to each individual child.

    The workplace is changing and education needs to move in the same direction. In addition to traditional academic subjects, The Golden Circle teaches valuable workplace skills such as entrepreneurship, problem-solving, and coding. Their flexible timetables suit the needs of students and their families, enabling full participation in any extracurricular endeavours.

    Golden Circle teachers are committed to delivering high-quality and engaging lessons. All have strong academic backgrounds, with degrees from Oxbridge or Russell Group universities, a PGCE teaching qualification and DBS check. Many are also GCSE and A-Level examiners. At the interview, they demonstrate a passion for teaching, expert subject knowledge, and a talent for delivering inspiring lessons.

    The Good Schools Guide says “Students genuinely love their academic subjects and are taught by teachers who inspire them.” “Golden Circle students perform excellently in exams and enjoy more success at leading universities,” says Tatler, but it is their curiosity to learn beyond any examination syllabus which makes The Golden Circle such an exciting and rewarding place to teach.

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