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Tutors & Exams work with a diverse group of tutors and tutoring centres to deliver high class learning. The list of tutors and tutoring centres we offer is through recommendation, reviews and good working partnerships.

The National Extension College

The National Extension College

Life-changing learning from the National Extension College

For more than 50 years NEC has provided high-quality, supported distance learning courses to people who may otherwise miss out on formal qualifications. There is no typical NEC student, we have students between nine and ninety years old studying for a variety of reasons.


  • 21 A levels, including maths, biology, chemistry and psychology
  • 19 GCSEs including maths, English and science
  • Vocational and leisure courses, including early years, art history and counselling.

Full details of all courses can be found of the website: nec.ac.uk

Working with Tutors and Exams

Since 2015 NEC has been working in partnership with Tutors and Exams to offer exam places for NEC students to sit exams in Coventry. Our partnership continues to go from strength to strength and large numbers of people have benefited from a seamless way to study the course and sit the exam, without having to go to a local college.

Contact NEC

If you would like to discuss how NEC can help you, call the Course Advice Team free on 0800 389 2839 or email info@nec.ac.uk.



CloudLearn is a UK based 21st Century Education Company, providing technology enabled learning for the next generation of learners, founded by a team from the best in education and the world of technology.

CloudLearn has established headquarters in the University of Strathclyde. Securing residency in the Strathclyde University Technology Incubator CloudLearn was recognised as an Innovative and Contemporary education technology start-up business in 2011.

CloudLearn are specialists in Online Courses, Distance Learning, Adult Learning and Homeschooling Courses. Online Home Study courses are ideal for those who are not able to attend regular classes either because they have family or job commitments, the learning centre is too far away, or simply that the orthodox education system does not work for them. CloudLearn also partner with Colleges and Universities across the UK to offer specialised content.

With our Online IGCSEs and A-Levels we power fully mapped learning materials, practice exams, instructional videos, interactive and adaptive assessment and a personalised learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace, on any device in any location. We tackle Maths, Science, English, History, Business, Geography, Economics, and much more.

CloudPort is our state-of-the art learning platform and is accessible on any device, guiding learners through KS4 & KS5 using adaptive technologies helping to identify strengths and learning gaps to ensure their learning is as effective as possible.

Our students take GCSE and A-Level exams as external candidates in hundreds of centres across the UK. Arranging these exams can be confusing and problematic depending on the learner’s location within the UK. This is why we partnered with Tutors and Exams to provide quality assured exam support to thousands of learners across the UK.


Student feedback tells us that Tutors and Exams provide world-class examination services with a level of personal support that is invaluable to Students and Parents across the UK. Offering CloudLearn students preferential pricing and with headquarters situated in Coventry, served by major air, rail and road networks this has proven the perfect solution for external candidates all over the UK. Tutors and Exams continue to grow their geographical locations across the UK so that more candidates have a commutable exam solution.

In the past, external candidates were on their own, not so now. If your Distance or Online Learning Provider does not have an examination partner, think again. CloudLearn is proud to partner with Tutors and Exams to ensure ALL students get access to the qualifications they need, when they need them.



CloudLearn is Education for the 21st Century


Open Study College

Open Study College

Established in 2007, Open Study College have enrolled over 60,000 students, with many of them studying A-levels and IGCSE’s. Tutors & Exams have played a huge part in our students achieving their qualification by allowing them to take their exams and assessments with them. Open Study College use Tutors & Exams as our preferred centre, mainly because the feedback we get from our students is that they feel the service they receive is second to none and they help make the exam process easy and un-problematic.


Echo Education

Echo Education

Created by home-educators for home-educators

Qualified teachers, Sam Martell and Clare Patrick have 25 years home educating experience with their own children and others. All these materials are tried and tested by us, with their own kids.


Little Arthur Independent

Oxford Learning College

Oxford Open Learning