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A-Level Science Practicals Endorsement

Tutors & Exams has been approved by the JCQ to carry out Science Practicals (Biology, Chemistry & Physics) for the following Awarding Bodies:

Edexcel, OCR, Eduqas and AQA.

The lead monitor for the JCQ:  “Thank you very much for letting me visit the centre and observe a practical activity. I was very impressed with your understanding and implementation of the practical endorsement.”

What’s Required?

The Exam Boards state that candidates are expected to have completed 12 practicals for the science practical endorsement in addition to the three examination papers. The science practicals do not count towards the final grade but the content of paper 3 is based on them. We are offering three science practical days (four practicals per day) over the academic year. Day one will be in late Winter and will be in line with the learning you have already undertaken. Days 2 & 3 will be in late spring and an ideal time to put the theory into practice.


The cost of the whole qualification including the science practicals is £925 per subject. However, if you are studying with one of our partners (CloudLearn, UK Open Study College, Wolsey Hall, Oxford Open Learning), or booking all three Sciences, the fee is £825 per subject. If your learning centre is not listed, contact us and we will try to include them. Alternatively, let your learning centre know that you could be receiving a discount!

We are also holding lab experience days at a cost of £250 (£200 for our partnership learners) per day so candidates gain confidence, become familiar with, handle equipment safely and experience what is expected from them in preparation for the assessments.


London Coventry
Mon 12/02/2018 Familiarisation Mon 19/02/2018 Familiarisation
Tue 13/02/2018 Chemistry Tue 20/02/2018 Chemistry
Wed 14/02/2018 Biology Wed 21/02/2018 Physics
Thu 15/02/2018 Physics Thu 22/02/2018 Biology
Tue 03/04/2018 Chemistry Tue 03/04/2018 Chemistry
Wed 04/04/2018 Biology Wed 04/04/2018 Physics
Thu 05/04/2018 Physics Thu 05/04/2018 Biology
Tue 10/04/2018 Chemistry Tue 10/04/2018 Chemistry
Wed 11/04/2018 Biology Wed 11/04/2018 Physics
Thu 12/04/2018 Physics Thu 12/04/2018 Biology


How to Book

To complete our registration process, you will need to complete our application form and return it along with photo ID and a recent passport size/style photo.