Assessment Timetables

Functional Skills Dates

MonthTest DatePayment Due Date*
December 22Thu 15/12/22Thu 24/11/22
January 23Thu 19/1/23Thu 29/12/22
February 23Thu 16/2/23Thu 26/1/23
March 23Thu 16/3/23Thu 23/2/23
April 23Thu 20/4/23Thu 30/3/23

AAT On Demand Dates

MonthTest DatePayment Due Date*
December 22Wed 21/12/22Wed 30/11/22
January 23Wed 18/1/23Wed 28/12/22
February 23Mon 20/2/23Mon 23/1/23
March 23Fri 10/3/23Fri 10/2/23
April 23Mon 24/4/23Mon 27/3/23
July 23Mon 31/7/23Mon 3/7/23
August 23Mon 21/8/23Mon 24/7/23
September 23Fri 8/9/23Fri 11/8/23

For anyone requiring Synoptic tests please contact the centre directly.

* Unless payment is received by this date the assessment entry will not be made with the awarding organisation.

Please note if you have any access arrangements needs, you will be required to apply and pay at least six weeks prior to assessment date in order to allow enough time to have this approved by AAT

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