Assessment Timetables

Functional Skills Dates

MonthTest DatePayment Due Date*
September 22Thu 15/9/22Thu 25/8/22
October 22Thu 20/10/22Thu 29/9/22
November 22Thu 17/11/22Thu 27/10/22
December 22Thu 15/12/22Thu 24/11/22
January 23Thu 19/1/23Thu 29/12/22
February 23Thu 16/2/23Thu 26/1/23

AAT On Demand Dates

MonthTest DatePayment Due Date*
September 22Wed 21/9/22Wed 31/8/22
October 22Wed 19/10/22Wed 28/9/22
November 22Wed 16/11/22Wed 26/10/22
December 22Wed 21/12/22Wed 30/11/22
January 23Wed 18/1/23Wed 28/12/22
February 23Wed 15/2/23Wed 25/1/23

For anyone requiring Synoptic tests please contact the centre directly.

* Unless payment is received by this date the assessment entry will not be made with the awarding organisation.