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We do not offer Tutors directly from our centre. However, we strongly recommend the following tutoring centres:

Groundmark Learning

Groundmark Learning is our sole provider of Functional Skills Maths tuition. Groundmark Learning have been delivering intensive 3 day Functional Skills Maths course for Tutors & Exams for several years. The national pass rate for Functional Skills Maths is around 65%. Groundmark Maths boasts a success rate more than 90% to date. Tutors & Exams is the only Exam Partner of Groundmark Maths.

GCSE English Language

Sessions are available on a Saturday Morning at our Leamington Spa Centre.

GCSE English Literature

Weekend half-day workshops on Conflict Poetry are now available and a schedule will be published shortly.


Smartkidz Academy

Smartkidz Academy is a Coventry based tuition centre offering a wide variety of tuition at various levels. With only outstanding and experienced teachers from leading schools in Coventry, they guarantee to help your child achieve the best results whilst enjoying learning.

Tutors & Exams is the only Exam Partner of Smartkidz Academy

Able Language Services

Able Language Services provides a friendly, personalised experience to learning Japanese. Whether it’s for that special trip to Japan, working towards your GCSE, or simply because you love anime – they can help you get the level of fluency that you want.

Able Language Services works closely with Tutors & Exams to provide learners with Japanese Assessments.

See their website for details:


Russian Assessment

Elena Lyubenova is a PhD in Slavic Languages. Her main languages are: Russian, Czech and Bulgarian. She is a qualified teacher with many years of experience of teaching in university practical and theoretical courses. She can teach these languages for different levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. She is also able to prepare students for GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A2 in Russian and Czech language. Visit the Blog!

Think Create Learn - Computer Science Tuition

Think Create Learn is a London-based specialist Computer Science tuition provider, offering KS3, GCSE and A-Level tuition. With a focus on hands-on learning, the drive for excellent exam results is complemented by a range of courses and services to make learning this increasingly important subject lots of fun. Think Create Learn is working with Tutors & Exams to ensure Computer Science NEA is available to private candidates.


Professional Home Tutors

Professional Home Tutors have a team of great tutors offering private home tuition in Greater Manchester and Lancashire.  All subjects and ages, including English, maths, sciences and languages.  Exam preparation is available for GCSE, A levels, 11+, etc. Professional Home Tutors have over 20 years’ experience and take pride in offering a personal service and in finding the right tutor for the student. Tutors and Exams is the preferred Exam Centre for our students.

Tel: 01204 524031

Email: info@professionalhometutors.co.uk


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Thinking About Tutoring?