Learning Partner Description

    Cordoba Education Network was founded by Laith Abdul Jabbar to assist home educating parents who are in need of some extra guidance with teaching their children maths and physics. Our courses are designed for utmost convenience with your child’s progress in mind, at the same time being extremely affordable. We aim to make learning easy, engaging and enjoyable whilst also pushing our students to reach their full potential.

    As someone who has always had a passion in teaching, Laith Abdul Jabbar has decided to construct an online educational support network. His main endeavour is to instil within the youth a passion for learning and development.

    Laith Abdul Jabbar is a qualified Engineer with a First Class honours Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering at the London Southbank University.

    Shortly after his degree, he also completed a TESOL certification in teaching English as a second language from the trinity college.

    Laith has worked as a structural engineer for a number of years and has currently decided to study further hoping to pursue a career in a different field for personal reasons. As a home educating parent he wishes to help other parents network and offer any advice or support for other parents

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