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This is seasonal employment during exam periods but we also need invigilators for our monthly exams, full training will be provided.

We are the Leading Independent Assessment Centre in the UK, offering access to a wide range of assessments that are normally out of reach to Private and Home Educated Candidates in a safe, calm and welcoming environment in our centres located across the UK.

We are searching for highly alert Invigilators to assist with setting up and supervising assessments. The Invigilator will be required to maintain and uphold the integrity of the exams. We also need some invigilators to act as reader/scribes for candidates.

Invigilator Responsibilities:

• Maintaining a calming presence to keep exam stress to a minimum for students
• Dressing in a manner that does not create visual, auditory, or olfactory distractions.
• Setting up the exam rooms and clearing down afterwards
• Handing out test papers and answer booklets before the exam begins.
• Patrolling the exam room to maintain a steady but calm presence.
• Completing accurate room logs to list any disruptions, accompanied bathroom breaks and suspicious activity.
• Acting on cheating and other violations to the rules in a non-disruptive manner.
• Providing students with additional answer booklets upon request.
• Counting submissions to ensure that all are present and neatly organized.
• Collecting test papers and scripts per students’ individual requests and at the end of the exam period and handing them securely to the Exams Manager.

Invigilator Requirements:

• Knowledge of sound test and invigilation procedures (training will be given)
• Ability to remain discreet while maintaining a presence.
• Outstanding fact-checking and improvisational skills.
• Strong monitoring, investigating, and communication abilities.
• Sensitive to test-related anxiety.
• Enhanced DBS which we can arrange

Please apply if you think this role is right for you or you need more information. This is seasonal employment during exam periods.


Belfast, Birmingham, Bolton, Coventry, Doncaster, High Wycombe, Romford, St Neots, Taunton, Wimbledon


£12-15 p/hr (depending on location)

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