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Functional Skills

Functional Skills are the essential elements of English and Mathematics

How to Book

We hold Functional skills exams in all our centres (except Belfast). To book an exam in centre please click on the book now button at the top of this page and complete our booking form.


Remote Invigilation

We can also facilitate remotely Invigilated exams – booked via our Coventry centre.

When you book an exam, please ensure that you also complete and return by email to this declaration form: Remote Invigilation | Learner Declaration Form (  

Also, before you take your exam, please familiarise yourself with all the requirements on the following checklist: Learner Guidance Conditions Checklist 


Our list of available exam dates from September 2023 (weeks 2 and 4):

Exam CentreTest Dates availablePayment Due Date*
BelfastNot Available
Coventry15th September then
Thursdays weekly
3 weeks prior to test date
Doncaster15th September
11th & 25th October
22nd November
13th & 27th December
10th & 24th January
7th & 21st February
13th & 27th March
10th & 24th April
3 weeks prior to test date
High Wycombe
St Neots
Dates for all centres listed to the left:
15th September
12th & 26th October
23rd November
14th & 28th December
11th & 25th January
8th & 22nd February
14th & 28th March
11th & 25th April
3 weeks prior to test date

For details of our Functional Skills fees, please visit our fees webpage here.

*Unless payment is received by this date, the assessment entry will not be made with the awarding organisation.

Please note: If you have any access arrangements needs, you will be required to apply and pay at least six weeks prior to assessment date to allow enough time to have this approved.

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