Learning Partner Description

    Examscreen is a multi-award-winning display screen for exam rooms that is currently being used in over 1,500 UK & international schools. John Gaston designed it to help him with his day job as an exams officer, and it has grown organically from there. We knew that there really needed to be a clearer, smarter, fairer, and more efficient way of displaying exam information- and we wanted as many students as possible to benefit from this improvement in exam display at a time of great pressure. For organisations running exams, an annual subscription is just £45 for unlimited usage, so that it is accessible to all schools and students from all backgrounds. John and his wife and co- Director Sophie also run The Exam Man podcast, bringing in a variety of voices from across exams, education and beyond, talking about what we can do to build an even better assessment system for children, schools, families, and employers, as well as offering a light-hearted take on the business of exams. For more information please visit: https://examscreen.co.uk The Exam Man | Podcast on Spotify

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