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Learning Partner Description

    Here at Genius Tuition, we work at our pupils’ pace, and it does not matter what stage you are at, whether you’re falling behind in class, and need help to get you back to where you want to be, or if you’re one of the top performers of your class and you want to ensure you can maintain that in preparation for exams. We tutor students from all sides of the spectrum.

    We believe that motivation and building confidence is just as important as academic training and exam preparation. We aim to motivate, encourage and inspire pupils to success, both in the classroom and the world beyond.

    The mission of Genius Tuition is to change the trajectory of students’ lives by providing tailored, individually focused learning that prepares students for academic and life success, based upon their unique needs and goals.

    The pace of learning of the student will be one of the main focuses of the tutor and, therefore, will be the only factor which decides the pace of the lessons – never too slow or too fast, but, just right. One of the main difficulties a student faces in a classroom is to adjust to the pace of teaching which varies depending on the response of so called `better` students.

    In an environment, where no question is a silly question, a whole new confidence is instilled at the beginning and a new pace of fun and learning begins. Soon, you will feel confident and begin to thrive, not only in the subject you are getting help in but, in every other area of your study. We always encourage students to challenge the ways they approach their academic work, which helps to increase their competitiveness when it comes to university applications.

    We provide home and online tutors across the UK. Any questions you may have, great or small, feel free to get in touch at or calling us on 07490627981


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