Harmony Alternative Education

Learning Partner Description

    Harmony Alternative Education is a small educational provision for vulnerable young people (KS1 – KS5), who are not accessing mainstream schooling for a variety of reasons or those opting for home education. These include mental health difficulties and permanent exclusion or the avoidance of.

    Harmony provides a flexible and nurturing environment for young people, allowing them to access therapeutic interventions in a safe environment. A bespoke and tailored package is developed in collaboration with the young person, the family and involved professionals. Sessions are delivered to small groups or on a 1:1 basis with a high level of experienced staff available to teach, support and mentor the young people.

    Raising self – esteem and developing resilience are at the heart of our offer.  Harmony Alternative Education aims to provide every young person with the opportunity to become successful members of the community, ultimately enabling them to continue on their personal journey; this could be a return to mainstream school, a special school placement (we have successfully supported EHCP applications and appeals) or on to further education, employment or training.

    In the secondary department, young people have to opportunity to study in small groups towards GCSE English Language, maths, Science Trilogy combined and art. They can also work towards functionals and entry level in Maths and English.

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