Hitchin Home Education

Hitchin Home Education
Learning Partner Description

    Hitchin Home Education Hub provides a fun, safe and nurturing environment for children ages 8+ during their home education journey. 

    We strive to help children be their own unique selves, develop self esteem, acquire a knowledge of the world around them along with building on the academic skills they may have already accomplished. 

    Hitchin Home Education aims to empower children with the life skills and techniques they need; to live happy, fulfilled and content lives, as they progress into adulthood. 

    Hitchin Home Education Hub provides an innovative safe space (and community) that was set up to serve the home-education needs and requirements of children ages 8 to 16.


    Formed in January 2020. due to the lack of home-educating facilities in Hitchin and the surrounding areas, parents and guardians now bring their children, having been introduced through word of mouth.


    As our name implies, children are also invited to attend from Hitchin’s surrounding towns / villages. 


    Our vision is to have a local home-education group that offers core educational topics along with workshops of interest to children / care givers.

    The bottom-line is to empower our children to follow their own passions and interests, while giving them a safe, encouraging, and uplifting space to do so. 

    ** Contact **

    Rak Dimmock- 07714324232


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