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    Home-School Tutoring UK was established over 30 years ago. It began as a small local business, and since then it has grown into an established, trusted, sought after local tutoring agency covering over 40 areas across the UK. Home School tutoring still maintains its local presence and offers a personal and bespoke service.

    Claire Jennings area advisor for North and East Hampshire. Claire is passionate about Education and has worked in the sector for thirteen years. Claire wholeheartedly believes in providing high quality personalised and caring one-to-one tuition. As a teacher Claire saw so many children and pupils of all ages trying to overcome various issues, pressures and difficulties in their learning, and she wanted to give extra support and target the struggles they were facing in the classroom.

    HST offer one to one tutoring, group sessions and CPD for teachers. We tutor across all key stages and adult education. Our tutoring programmes are designed based on individual needs and therefore you (the client) set the goal and time frame. Our tutors will plan and facilitate the sessions at a location that suits both parties, primarily this will happen at your home or could be facilitated in the local library or online.

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    or Call Claire: 07470422420.

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