Learning Partner Description

    Established in 2005, InterHigh is a complete interactive Primary School, Secondary School and Sixth Form College. We welcome learners from across the UK and Internationally. Rather than travelling to school to study – InterHigh comes to you, wherever you are, through our specialised online learning portal. We are able to offer you everything you expect from a traditional school… plus a whole lot more!

    Our entire online curriculum is taught by our expert, experienced staff whose passion for their subject is matched by their motivation and energy to see every pupil succeed. Once lessons are over, pupils can enjoy a range of clubs, societies and seminars or catch up with friends in the common room or on the school’s own social platforms.

    InterHigh’s online learning platform and lesson library enables learners to make great progress in their studies. Our pupils have control over their learning and their interactions around the school; a personal, engaging teaching experience where they can directly and discreetly question their teachers during and after classes to ensure they have an in-depth understanding of the subject or topic before moving on.

    Above all, what we offer our young people is time. The effectiveness of our school means that learners are ‘in school’ only for three or four hours a day giving them an unrivalled opportunity to pursue their personal interests, hobbies, pastimes and goals. It all adds up to make InterHigh as individual as our pupils.

    We value our partnership with Tutors and Exams and hope that the relationship will support learners in finding an exam centre that’s suitable for them.

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