Learning Partner Description

    Nexus Educate is an established consortium of teachers providing tuition, online learning and support for students across the Key Stages.

    All our tutors hold Masters or Higher Education Diplomas and Post Graduate Teaching Certificates (PGCEs) in our subject specialisms and have years of practical and pedagogical experience. Nexus Educate teachers have a track record of ‘very good’ or ‘outstanding’ teaching and several of us have taught teachers how to teach as Subject Leaders in various Universities and/or as ‘Leading Practitioners’ in schools.

    At Nexus Educate, we know how students learn and employ a variety of strategies suited to individual interests, abilities and preferences. We are flexible in our approach and adapt to the needs of our students to deliver engaging, enjoyable lessons, rapid progress and excellent results. We are proud of our track record of providing opportunities for Home Educated students to reach their full potential.

    Nexus Educate teachers are also Examiners. We regularly mark and assess work in our subject specialisms which means that we have a detailed knowledge of the requirements of Exam Boards and are familiar with latest developments and best practice.

    Nexus Educate teachers undergo rigorous interviews and training. Every teacher is DBS checked. Every teacher is known personally to Nexus’ Founder, has been observed teaching and had their schemes of work, lesson plans and results scrutinised. This means you can rest assured that our teachers are inspirational, effective and safe.

    For testimonials and detailed information on our services and track record visit:

    Nexuseducate (webnode.com)


    Email: Nexuseducate@gmail.com

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