Sammie Allen Tutoring

Learning Partner Description

    Sammie Allen Tutoring is a Leeds based tuition agency that specialises in Home Education and Special Educational Needs provision for primary, secondary and even higher education. We believe that we have a responsibility to create an inclusive education for any student no matter their age or ability. Over the past 4 years since we opened, we have helped students as far as Indonesia work towards their exams with excellent results!

    We pride ourselves in knowing that the support we give our students can not only change their attitude towards learning but can also create amazing opportunities. Many of our clients are home educated or have special educational needs, so we work alongside health care professionals, schools and local authorities to successfully support and reintegrate students. Alongside this, our SAT tutors are highly qualified and are able to prepare students for exams such as their GCSEs and A-Levels via 1-to-1 tuition online, or in-home.

    Our fantastic team of tutors specialise in providing individually tailored programmes that target key areas of development for each learner. The interactive lessons focus on exam technique and content knowledge, whilst building academic confidence across the board. Sessions are offered in-home or online and all take place on a 1-2-1 basis.

    For home-educated students and students with SENs, our tutors modify sessions so as to incorporate ILPs and EHCPs, ensuring education is accessible for all. We support families with referrals to health care professionals and other diagnosis services, from start to finish, ensuring all the educational needs of the student are met.

    We would love to hear from you if you are considering tuition for your child. Please give us a call on 07753166900, or pop us an email to


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