The Education Hotel

Learning Partner Description

    The Education Hotel is a bespoke tutoring service offering quality tuition to children of all ages since 2013. Our tutors are based in Oxfordshire and London, but also offer online support, mentoring and tuition. We help families through GCSE’s, A levels and UK university applications.

    Our friendly team and dedicated tutors take the time to get to know your family, ensuring you receive the best solutions tailored to your needs. Clients receive a personalised service, whether you are studying for 1 exam or many.

    The relationship between tutor and family sits at the core of The Education Hotel’s tuition. We ensure that your chosen tutor will not only have a great rapport with your child, but also understands the needs of your whole family. Many of our homeschooling students will take GCSE’s either before or after the age of 16 and we have previously worked with students taking Math GCSE aged 10, or aged 18.

    We also go beyond GCSE’s and A levels and our UK university services help guide families through the confusing UCAS system and what is needed to enter university. Our tutors can also offer study skills sessions, help students to craft art portfolios or offer fun science experiments and Discovery Learning.

    Our tutors are carefully screened, DBS checked and interviewed by the Director. We work with a small network of highly trusted tutors, ensuring that you always receive the best.

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