Cambridge Assessment International Education iGCSE – Summer 2021

Cambridge Assessment International Education iGCSE – Summer 2021

It probably comes as no surprise that Cambridge iGCSE and International A Levels are looking into alternatives to exams for Summer 2021 in the UK. Information for schools about Coronavirus (Covid-19) (

Please remember that Cambridge Assessment International Education iGCSE and iA Level exams are not regulated by Ofqual.

What does the Cambridge Assessment International Education iGCSE – Summer 2021 announcement mean for me?

As it stands, we have no other information than CAIE will be looking into using a similar or same process as the already cancelled GCSE’s and A Levels. A centre or Teacher Assessed Grade will be used. Final details will be announced next week.

If you are studying with one of our partners, we will be in touch with them about your options. They will be in touch with you in due course to let you know what to do next. However, we will also be updating you via our learner portals too.

Please continue with your studies and ensure that you are following the guidance of your learning provider or any that we issue to you.

We are also receiving a number of enquiries relating to the use of a “mini exam”. The phrase “mini exam” is somewhat misleading and we will continue to refer to them as “alternative assessments”. Alternative Assessments are only part of the DfE and Ofqual consultation and we have no idea if they will be used for Private Candidates or those entered via a Distance Learning Provider. What we can assure you is that we will do everything to ensure our voice is heard when pushing for a process which is available and accessible to all.

The Directors here are due to speak with the senior leadership at CAIE next week to keep abreast of the ongoing situation.

We do appreciate that these are worrying and stressful times. I can assure you that the same pressure is being felt within our organisation. We are receiving literally thousands of emails on top of thousands of phone calls and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

However, we do respectfully remind our customers that we are only human and we are all working around the clock to get answers and solutions to the current situation. Please be kind to everyone!

We will provide further updates as they come in.

Chris Spraggett

Group CEO

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