Monthly Archives - August 2021

A Word on Summer Exams 2021 for Private Candidates

We have finally come to the end of Summer Exams 2021! We can’t say that we’re sad to leave them behind. However, we are super proud to have, once again, graded an incredible number of Private Candidates this year to ensure that they continue with their future careers. We want to...

Record Breaking GCSE Results and Top Grades 2021

GCSE students have received another set of record grades, in the second year of Covid disruption due to exams in England.Top grades (7/As and above) rose to 28.9% from 26.2% last year, while grades 4/Cs and above - seen as passes - rose to 77.1% up from 76.3%.Girls...

Pearson Edexcel newly-accredited  GCSE English Language

Introducing Pearson Edexcel newly-accredited  GCSE (9–1) English Language 2.0 for first teaching in 2021, available in the Summer 2022 series.

After listening to feedback from the English teaching community last year, Pearson Edexcel recognised that a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to English Language didn't equally suit the needs, interests and progression of all students.They...

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