Monthly Archives - February 2021

Cambridge Assessment – Summer 2021

Cambridge Assessment International Education have released information, 25th February 2021, on Summer 2021 grading. The main details include information surrounding the evidence required for schools. “To assess this grade, schools should identify a portfolio of three substantial pieces of work from each student in every syllabus.” We are working closely with CAIE to establish what “substantial” means and how...

Grading for Summer 2021 Exams

Ofqual Regulated Qualifications Grading for Summer 2021 

Following the latest announcement from Ofqual earlier today, we have summarised the grading for Summer 2021 plans. Please note this does not apply to Cambridge Assessment International Education at this time.  Partner Candidates All candidates who are learning through one of our partners or approved tutors featured on our website, your learning provider has been contacted, advised of the...

Summer 2021 Exams Updates

What another extraordinary week for Summer 2021 Exams Updates! We have seen the cancellation of Pearson Edexcel International Qualifications across the world in addition to Cambridge Assessment International Education stating that they are looking at alternative arrangements to exams in the UK.Are there anymore Summer 2021 Exams Updates? Yes there is. Ofqual have...

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