IGCSE Marine Science – Cambridge International

Marine Science

IGCSE Marine Science – Cambridge International

We are really pleased to confirm that we will be hosting IGCSE Marine Science exams with Cambridge International from Summer 2024.

All students who wish to sit this exam with us from Summer 2024 must be working with an approved learning partner for this qualification who must be adhering to the points listed below to ensure we are abiding by the awarding organisation requirements.

  • All content within the specification and knowledge towards passing the exam and moving towards further learning must be covered.
  • Within the course content, there needs to be regular suggested practicals for the students to complete at home, which meets the requirements of the specification.
  • At the end of the course, approved learning partners will be asked to get their students to sign a declaration confirming they have been given the appropriate recourses to complete the practical content detailed within the specification.
  • This declaration will need to be emailed by the 15th of May of each academic year from the approved learning partner directly.
  • The candidates will need to state their approved learning partner.
  • Any queries we receive on the content from students will be passed back to their approved learning partner.

If you are a Learning Partner who is yet to be approved by our NEA team, so we can accept your candidates sitting their IGCSE Marine Science exams with Cambridge International with us, then please contact NEA@tutorsandexams.uk for further details.

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