Modular International GCSE’s

modular International GCSEs

Modular International GCSE’s

We have worked hard with our colleagues at Pearson for many years to bring Private Candidates the widest possible range of qualifications to support their learning journey.

The teams at Pearson and Tutors & Exams go above and beyond to bring solutions that benefit the whole community. Whether you are out of mainstream education, home educating, second chance or just looking to progress your own learning, we’re here to support you.

To the exciting news. Following our approvals to offer Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Levels at your T&E Private Candidate Exam Centres in the UK, we can now share with you some even better news! We are now approved to offer Pearson Edexcel Modular International GCSE’s too. We believe this to be absolutely unique within the Private Candidate world, with no other UK centre having this level of approval. Not only that, but Pearson Edexcel is also the only awarding body to offer a modular route for International GCSE’s as an alternative to the linear assessment route.

What are Modular International GCSE’s?

What is the difference between the modular and linear International GCSE routes?

Modular Route

Unit assessments can be taken over multiple exam series.
Grades are calculated on raw marks which are then converted to a UMS (Uniform Mark Scale).
Students can re-sit individual units in any exam series.
Once a student has all their unit results, they can ‘cash in’ these results for their grade.

Both modular and linear routes offered by Pearson Edexcel at International GCSE

Modular route only offered by Pearson Edexcel at International A Level

Linear Route

Assessments for all units are taken together in one exam series.
Grades are calculated on raw marks only.
Students can re-sit assessments for all units together in on exam series.
The grade students receive are calculated at the end of the exam series in which they sat their assessments.

Modular International GCSE’s are unit style qualifications that can be sat over a number of exam seasons. What that means for you is that you can break up your study. Let’s say you started studying for an International GCSE in September over two years. With Modular International GCSE’s you can now break up the assessments (or exams) to relieve any pressure or anxieties you have, or simply to keep check on how you are doing. After your first year of study, you could sit one of the papers (modules) in the first summer of study, then sit the second in the second summer of study. Provided there is availability for your subject, you can even sit one in the Autumn series and another in the Summer series. The choice is yours. There are also no resit rules or age restrictions. Just bear in mind the first assessment for the first group of Modular International GCSE’s is May/June 2024 and the second group in May/June 2025.

Which modular International GCSEs are available when?

Group 1 Modular International GCSEs

International GCSE (9-1) Accounting
International GCSE (9-1) Commerce
International GCSE (9-1) Economics
International GCSE (9-1) English Language A
International GCSE (9-1) English Literature
International GCSE (9-1) Geography
International GCSE (9-1) History
International GCSE (9-1) Religious Studies

Available for:

First teaching: September 2023
First assessment: May/June 2024

Group 2 Modular International GCSEs

International GCSE (9-1) Mathematics A
International GCSE (9-1) Biology
International GCSE (9-1) Chemistry
International GCSE (9-1) Physics
International GCSE (9-1) Science (Double Award)

Available for:

First teaching: September 2024
First assessment: May/June 2025

How do Modular International GCSE’s Work?

Quite simple, you can learn and enter for your Modular International GCSE’s when you’re ready. Once you are close to completing the first part of your learning (the learning objectives required for the first unit/module) you should apply to Tutors & Exams for your exams. However, you do need to make sure you apply early to avoid late fees or missing out on your Access Arrangements. Once you enter for your last unit, you just need to make sure you apply to cash-in too. This brings all of your units together (including the best mark of any previously sat units) and gives you an overall grade.

Another benefit to the modular International GCSE is you can sit the whole qualification, like a linear International GCSE, and if you don’t perform as well as expected in just one unit, you have the opportunity to only sit that unit again to improve your overall grade. The unit you performed well in will be “Banked”.

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