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Groundmark Maths

Groundmark Maths is our sole provider of Functional Skills Maths tuition. Groundmark Maths have been delivering intensive 3 day Functional Skills Maths course for Tutors & Exams for several years. The national pass rate for Functional Skills Maths is around 65%. Groundmark Maths boasts a success rate more than 90% to date. Tutors & Exams is the only Exam Partner of Groundmark Maths.


Smartkidz Academy

Smartkidz Academy is a Coventry based tuition centre offering a wide variety of tuition at different levels. With only outstanding and experienced teachers from leading schools in Coventry, they guarantee to help your child achieve the best results whilst enjoying learning.

Tutors & Exams is the only Exam Partner of Smartkidz Academy