10% discount on our new Autumn CPAC at Bolton!

10% discount on our new Autumn CPAC at Bolton!

We’re excited to announce our first ever Autumn CPAC (Common Practical Assessment Criteria) for A Level Science, which will be held at Bolton School Science Lab this October. As part of our special Ten for Ten promotion, we’re thrilled to offer this at a 10% discount to our Spring CPAC’s at £895.

Bolton School Science Lab, conveniently located on Chorley New Road, serves as the ideal destination for candidates to take their A Level Science Practicals in state-of-the-art facilities. The lab offers a comfortable and conducive environment for participants to conduct their practical experiments with ease.

There is a recreational room available at break times and free on-site parking located off Dobson Road entrance. The laboratories are located within the ‘Kroto Chemistry Building’, named after Sir Harry Kroto who won the 1996 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for the discovery of Buckminsterfullerene.

To find out more about the Bolton School Science Lab, please visit our website at www.tutorsandexams.uk/bolton-science-lab. There are only 16 spaces available, so make sure you apply early at www.tutorsandexams.uk/apply.

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