A-Level Science Practicals Endorsement

In addition to our London A Level Science Practical venue and due to high demand. Tutors & Exams have added a new dedicated venue for A Level Science Practicals, in BirminghamBased near the Bordesley Train Station – B11 1AR. Most importantly the centre is excellently located near the heart of Birmingham. Boasting superb transport links and car parking. The A Level Science Practical Endorsement will be carried out in Birmingham. Exams will take place in one of our exams centres across the UK. 

You can sit your exams in any of our exam centres. This ensures that you can complete your assessments at a more convenient location to you. Tutors & Exams is uniquely placed to offer A Level Science Practical Endorsements in multiple venues, taking care of your exam entry too. 

Sessions for Birmingham will be more frequent and flexible throughout the year. Dates will be confirmed by 1st August for the next academic year. 

Spaces do fill fastApply nowto ensure your place. 

Tutors & Exams has been approved by the JCQ to carry out

the A Level Science Practical Endorsements (Biology, Chemistry & Physics) with the following Awarding Bodies: 

Edexcel, OCR, Eduqas and AQA. 

The lead monitor for the JCQ’s A Level Science Practicals: “Thank you very much for letting me visit the centre and observe a practical activity. I was very impressed with your understanding and implementation of the practical endorsement.” 

What’s Required? 

The Awarding Bodies state that candidates are expected to have completed a minimum of 12 practicals for their A Level Science Practical Endorsement in addition to the three examination papers. Importantly, the A Level Science Practical Endorsements do not count towards the final grade but overall, at least 15% of the marks for all A-level Science courses will require the assessment of practical skills (this is assessed in the written examination). We are offering A Level Science Practical Endorsements over 4 days (compulsory Lab Familiarisation, which includes 1 of the practicals. Three practicals day 2, four practicals day 3 and 4) over the academic year. Below are the dates for the sessions. 


The cost of the whole qualification including the A Level Science Practical Endorsements is per subject which includes the compulsory Lab Familiarisation Days and, your 3 Exam Papers. 

A non-refundable deposit of £250 per subject is required to secure your place. 

Fees will be announced by 1st August for the next academic year. 


A Level Science Practical Endorsements will be held at CR4 1BP (approx. 3 miles from our Wimbledon exam centre where you will sit your written papers).  

Please note that you will need to attend all sessions for the subject over the term. 

London lab.Physics LPHY1Chemistry LCHE1Biology LBIO1
Lab FamiliarisationMonday 17 / 02 /2020
Prac. Code LPHY1
Monday 17/02/2020 Prac.
Code LCHE1
Monday 17/02/2020 Prac.
Code LBIO1
Session 2Tuesday 18 /02/2020
Prac. Code LPHY1
Wednesday 19/02/2020
Prac. Code LCHE1
Thursday 20/02/2020
Prac. Code LBIO1
Session 3Monday 06 /04/2020
Prac. Code LPHY1
Tuesday 07/04/2020
Prac. Code LCHE1
Wednesday 08/04/2020
Prac. Code LBIO1
Session 4Tuesday 14/04/2020
Prac. Code LPHY1
Wednesday 15/04/2020
Prac. Code LCHE1
Thursday 16/04/2020
Prac. Code LBIO1
A Level Science Practical Endorsements will be held at B11 1AR on a more flexible arrangement as follows:
Birmingham lab.PhysicsChemistryBiology
Monday – Thursday w/c4/11/2019
Prac. Code BPHY1
Prac. Code BCHE1
Prac. Code BBIO1
Monday – Thursday w/c16/3/2020
Prac. Code BPHY2
Prac. Code BCHE2
Prac. Code BBIO2
Monday – Thursday w/c27/4/2020
Prac. Code BPHY3
Prac. Code BCHE3
Prac. Code BBIO3

How to Book 

To complete our registration process, you will need to complete our application form

If you are resitting your Science qualification, you can carry forward your Practical Endorsement from a previously certificated award. This must be from the current specifications. 

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