SOLI and Tutors & Exams

SOLI and Tutors & Exams

We are proud to support SOLI, a sister company of one of our Learning Partners, Tutors & Futures.

Students and young people are particularly vulnerable to feelings of isolation: 33% often feel lonely and 43% are often or always worried. However, more than three-quarters of students have concealed their symptoms due to fear of being stigmatised. Suicide reached an all-time high in the student population in 2018 and many of those cases involved individuals who were fearful of opening up about their struggles.

Soli offers all-in-one pastoral support to young people. We believe that it is more important than ever before for organisations to offer SEN/SEMH services to their students. The Covid pandemic has highlighted the fact that many young people struggle to access the additional support they so desperately need.

Soli is removing the stigma which exists around mental health.

As part of their offering, they can provide diagnostic assessments for:

● Dyslexia
● Dyscalculia

All of the assessors have APCs (Assessment Practising Certificates) from the British Dyslexia Association or Patoss, and all of the assessments can be carried out remotely.

Furthermore, Soli have exam specialists who can work with students who require Access Arrangements for formal examinations. This can fit in with our Predicted Grades service.

Their services don’t end there. They also offer:

●  CBT

●  Speech and Language Therapy

●  PSHE Sessions

●  Grief Counselling

●  Skin Consultations

●  Period Support

●  Eating Disorder Support

Soli is a passion project and nobody should have to struggle in silence or be stigmatised.

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