Education Hotel Guest Blog – The Hunger Games!

Education Hotel Guest Blog – The Hunger Games!

It’s Monday. Let’s hear from The Education Hotel!

The start of a new week so we thought now would be a good time to share a guest blog from the team at The Education Hotel! This article was written by their English & Study Support tutor, Emily Smith. 

The Education Hotel’s Ideas for Project-based-learning on the book ‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games’ is the first book in a trilogy by Suzanne Collins (also a popular film series for YA). It is set in a dark dystopian future where children across a fictional new continent are sent to a televised arena to battle with each other. It explores many important themes and is a challenging and exciting read for ages 11+.

This series of independent project suggestions is suitable for children that have previously read the book/series or has a copy of the book to hand.

Biology & Nature

Katniss learnt a lot about all the different kinds of edible plants (and ones that were poisonous too!) from her father. Try writing your own plant and herbs fact sheet about different plants you could find in forests, woods and green areas close to where you live; include sections about edible plants, dangerous plants and ones that may have other useful qualities. Include drawings or pictures to help anyone reading your fact sheet easily identify them.

Creative Writing

Imagine you grew up in District Two. Create a newspaper article about this year’s tributes, Cato and Clove, just after they’ve been selected. Remember to consider how the people from District Two are very close with the Capitol and believe that taking part in ‘The Hunger Games’ is a huge honour.  Imagine how different their perspective may be to those who grew up in District Twelve.

Art & Design

Imagine you are the Head Games Maker for the next ‘Hunger Games’ plan and design an arena for your tributes. Remember to include a cornucopia where tributes can pick up weapons, survival kits and food/water, open areas for combat and shelters. The arena can hold any type of environment and terrain you can dream up: jungle, arctic tundra, desert, forest, cave system…anything you can imagine. Once you’ve drawn out your plans, you could even try making a model of your arena design using recycling and things you find around the home.

English Literature – Essay Idea

‘Katniss’s upbringing made her an ideal candidate to win the Hunger Games.’ Discuss.


In the Reaping one girl’s and one boy’s name is selected at random. The older a child is the more times their name is entered into the lottery.

Imagine you live in the world of ‘The Hunger Games’. There are 1000 children in your district, half are boys and half are girls.

You are 15 in this world, so your name has been entered 4 times (it gets added one extra time for every year you enter) and you haven’t needed to get a tesserae so you don’t have to add in your name any additional times.

What is the possibility that you will be selected as a tribute for The Hunger Games?

Write your answer as a fraction and a percentage. Remember your name will be selected just from the pool of others of your gender.

Thank you to Emily at The Education Hotel for sharing.

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