GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

In advance of the 2022/23 academic year we are delighted to announce GCSE Food and Nutrition will be available to candidates entering for OCR Specification J309 only.  As many of you will be aware this has, historically, been a difficult subject to access for those outside of mainstream education. Indeed you may be at a school where GCSE grades Food Preparation and Nutrition is no longer offered as part of the curriculum so you might wish to consider doing it as an extra-curricular activity outside of school time.

To enable you to access this qualification we have partnered up with two culinary practioners; The Farm Cookery School, based in Wiltshire and Worship Worth Experiences located near Sutton Coldfield.  Both offer students the chance to complete a GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition within one year. Please click on either partner for further details regarding course content, fees and what to expect.

Please note we will only be able examine candidates who are receiving GCSE tutorials from one of these two partners.

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